a to dez a 2 dez a2dez

if you’re looking for A to dez, or atodez, it’s A2dez you’ll want

A2dez – The Spelling Blog, find it here on http://www.a2dez.com

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New Homepage at www.a2dez.com

The A2dez: Kre-8-iv Spell!nk blog has moved to www.a2dez.com Go there to read all about spelling and lots of creative spelling too

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Kre-8-iv Spell!nk

First things first:

This is a blog about spelling, the act of casting written spells. For centuries English spelling has been frozen but now that we all have home phones and computers – home printing kits – spelling is changing. TXTNG has been crucial. But naming is too: U2, INXS, !!!, Xzibit, Blox-R-Us, FedEx, Qantas, Britney and Gatorade. Spelling has become an unlikely underground hit, and it’s going mainstream. Like it or not, spelling has gotten really interesting, really quickly.

This blog explores various aspects of (mostly English) spelling – how it works and why it is so strange. I will look at its history, its origins, and its present use: what it does, where it is going and what it can do. The bulk of the blog consists of short articles about a specific feature of spelling – from A to ZZ Top, Alfa Romeo to Omega 3, +/- NEthn me r u finks ov. I’ll also include my own creative spelling projects: stories, photos, videos, charts and graphs. I encourage your feedback and creative input so that together we can systematise, understand and make more Kre-8-iv Spell!nk.

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Hello world!

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